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Alpinist / Masakari - Split LP



6 tracks of tense, crushing hardcore from Munster, germany up against 8 ruthless blasts of fury from Cleveland, Ohio. Both bands team up here and on tour this year to prove for once and for all that this is for real. Forget the hype, the blogs and the shots at the ‘big time’. There is a hunger. A gut reaction. This is punk. This is hardcore.

Pressing Info:
- 1100 pressed on 180gram vinyl.
- 11×17 poster insert.


1. Abgerichtet
2. Subjection
3. Steps
4. Postmodern Problems
5. Unwanted Encore
6. Quelle Valeur Reste?


XVII. The Obscene Underbelly
XIX. Void Manufacturing
XVII. Sleep
XXII. Q. Culture A. Resist
XXIV. Trapped in the Mold
XXI. Progress
XXIII. Hexenhammer
XX. Modulation