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Anchors "Stay Fast" 7"

by Anchors


ATTN: Anchors fans! We have launched the official preorder for a brand new 7", entitled 'Stay Fast'! For only $5 you get one new song (the title track) on the A-Side, and a previously unreleased track from the 'Bad Juju' Days entitled 'Dial Tone' on the B-Side! The band states, "Stay Fast is part of the sound to expect from the next Anchors record, and Side B is one of the first songs Anchors ever wrote." Check out the preorder by clicking href="http://www.creatordestructor.bigcartel.com">here, and give 'Stay Fast' a listen in our online player to the left!

This pressing is limited to 500pcs, so get yours while the going is good! It is likely that this won't get repressed, so don't miss out on these two awesome songs, by one of the best punk bands out there right now. This should tide y'all over until the band's next record! More ANCHORS news to follow...but for now, give 'Stay Fast' a listen at our Bandcamp!

Pressing Info: 500pcs, Black Vinyl, Digital Download Included