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Point of View- 'Burner' 12" EP (White/Black Half-n-Half with Splatter)

by Point of View


Creator-Destructor Records is incredibly excited to announce the addition of San Jose, CA's POINT OF VIEW to the family! The Bay Area 3-Piece have been around since 2002 and have spent the last twelve years honing an intensely well-crafted blend of melodic punk and ska into a sound that is uniquely their own - Their most recent release, 2013's 'Burner' EP (originally released by Hella Mad Records), showcases POINT OF VIEW's impressive ability to combine unconventional and lasting song-structures with extremely memorable vocal melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and tight-knit musicianship that leaves the listener dying for more.

The Creator-Destructor reissue of 'Burner' has been remixed and remastered by Scott Goodrich at Nu-Tone Studios, features a new layout and packaging, and will be available on 180-gram heavyweight colored vinyl with a digital download included. Listen to the track 'Arizona Sun' by clicking here.

Pressing Info:
-100pcs Pressed
-180g Heavyweight Vinyl
-Digital Download Included

Track Listing:
1) Burner
2) Home
3) U-Turner
4) America's Finest
5) Arizona Sun