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Western Settings 'Old Pain' 10" EP

by Western Settings


Creator-Destructor Records is extremely honored to announce that San Diego’s WESTERN SETTINGS has joined the family! The band’s upcoming ‘Old Pain’ EP will be released via Creator-Destructor in April, 2016. Featuring six tracks of heart-wrenchingly honest, beer-soaked, San Diego punk, this EP takes you down, back up, and back down again in a way that is both unsettling, and extremely captivating. Produced by Chicken of DEAD TO ME, ‘Old Pain’ succeeds in delivering the hooks and catchiness of WESTERN SETTINGS’ punk-rock peers, while elevating the band’s sound to a new level of maturity, introspection, and well let’s face it..pain. Life is intense, and these six tracks serve as a perfect soundtrack to dealing with that intensity.

Listen to ‘The Phenomenon’ from “Old Pain” by clicking here!

You don’t want to sleep on this one, folks. Stay tuned for more WESTERN SETTINGS news and Tour-Dates in the coming weeks! The band’s own label, LA ESCALERA RECORDS (San Diego) will be handling the CD version of this release, so definitely head on over to their website to check out their collective of awesome bands and people! Spread the love, everyone!

Pressing Info:
1st Pressing
Digital Download Included