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At Our Heels "Misanthropy & Godlessness" CD

by At Our Heels


At Our Heels' debut full-length combines the blackened punk and roll' tendencies of Entombed with the balls-out speed and intensity of hardcore bands like American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy, and Converge. Clocking in at just under a half an hour, these 13 tracks highlight the band's ability to capture darker tones and compliment them with unbridled intensity in musicianship and delivery.

Track Listing
1) Through Their Teeth
2) The Old Gloomies
3) Unholy
4) Sink With Me
5) Teeth and Bone
6) Graves
7) The Recluse
8) Detach / Withdraw
9) The Fainting Game
10) Non Sum Qualis Eram
11) Rituals
12) Capture and Consume
13) Kicking Rocks