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At Our Heels "Misanthropy & Godlessness" LP (Gold & White A Side / B Side)

by At Our Heels

$9.00 / On Sale

At Our Heels' debut full-length combines the blackened punk and roll' tendencies of Entombed with the balls-out speed and intensity of hardcore bands like American Nightmare, The Hope Conspiracy, and Converge. Clocking in at just under a half an hour, these 13 tracks highlight the band's ability to capture darker tones and compliment them with unbridled intensity in musicianship and delivery.


Side A:
1) Through Their Teeth

2) The Old Gloomies

3) Unholy

4) Sink With Me

5) Teeth and Bone

6) Graves

Side B: 7) The Recluse
8) Detach / Withdraw
9) The Fainting Game
10) Non Sum Qualis Eram
11) Rituals
12) Capture and Consume
13) Kicking Rocks

Pressing Info:
-125pcs pressed
-Digital Download Included