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Gypsyhawk "Patience and Perseverance" CD

by Gypsyhawk


Clocking in at over an hour, “Patience and Perseverance” reminds metalheads and fans of rock n’ roll alike why the classics are still adored and held in such high regard in the 21st century. The band brings back the sound of the 70’s with a heavier and modern twist, creating a throwback that simultaneously stands out on its own as truly unique in a scene so over-saturated with younger and younger bands trying their hand at imitating the metalcore and deathcore trends of the era.

For fans of: Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple

Track Listing
1) Gypsyhawk
2) Planet Former
3) Commander of the High Forest
4) Eyes of Ibad
5) Rebellion on the Western Shore
6) For Those Who Love the Lizz
7) The Bokor’s Procession
8) Resentment City
9) Blackhaven
10) The Rabble and the Ruled
11) Guidance
12) Defenders of Good Times

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