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Kids Icarus S/T 7" (Ultra Clear)

by Kids Icarus


Formed from the ashes of hardcore/metal bandsvThe Perennial and On Paths of Torment, KIDS ICARUS take the melodic tendencies, progressive nature, and technical prowess of their former endeavors to create an incredibly unique and refreshing spin on modern punk rock. Having ground their teeth for the past few years with consistent touring along the Northeast region of the United States, the Torrington, CT five-piece have honed their musical chops and songwriting skills into a blazing fast, progressive debut, sure to please fans of A Wilhelm Scream, Propagandhi, and Shai Hulud.

The band’s self-titled debut 7” combines elements of 90’s style Epitaph/Fat Punk Rock with Pop-Punk sensibilities and a technical proficiency rarely seen within the genre. Through the duration of four tracks, KIDS ICARUS takes the listener through a whirlwind of crushingly melodic riffs, genuine aggression, carefully crafted songwriting, and vocal harmonies that would make Bad Religion proud.

Track Listing

Side A:
1) It’s On Me

2) Down and Out

Side B: 3) Monster
4) Firework

Pressing Info
-200pcs Pressed
-Includes digital download card