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Light This City "Facing the Thousand" LP

by Light This City

$15.00 / Sold Out

We are extremely excited to offer you all the first pressing of LIGHT THIS CITY's landmark 2006 release, "Facing the Thousand".

None of LIGHT THIS CITY’s full-length releases have ever received a Vinyl Treatment, so Creator-Destructor is incredibly thrilled to bring this album to life as a 180g. Reissue in ‘Electric Blue’ Colored Vinyl w/ Splatter! This pressing is extremely limited to 250pcs, so get yours before they are gone! While the LP will be released in late 2015, preorders have begun through our online store, and are expected to go quickly, so don’t sleep on this one! Click here to order yours now!

'Facing the Thousand' Tracklisting:

Side A
01. Facing the Thousand
02. Cradle for a King
03. The Unwelcome Savior
04. Exile
05. Maddening Swarm

Side B
01. City of the Snares
02. The Eagle
03. Fear of Heights
04. Track of Decay
05. Like Every Song's Our Last

Pressing Info:
-250 Copies Pressed
-Single 180g LP, Colored Vinyl
-Digital Download NOT Included