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Pissed Regardless "Feed the Birds" 7" (Both Versions!)

by Pissed Regardless


PISSED REGARDLESS' "Feed the Birds" 7" contains 5 blazing tracks of punk/grind/hardcore/thrash-hybrid goodness, sure to please fans of the 90’s Earache Death Metal/Grind persuasion and 80’s punk/hardcore alike!

PISSED REGARDLESS started in 2013 in North County, San Diego with the intent of writing vicious crossover punk/hardcore thrash metal. The band has released 2 full-length albums previous to their upcoming Creator-Destructor debut – 2013’s Self-Titled release and 2015’s “Force Fed Gods”. The band has a special talent at composing ripping fast, to-the-point hardcore that wears it’s punk and grind influences on it’s sleeve. The end result is a contagious burst of heaviness that’ll have most headbangers rejoicing in no time.


Side A:
1. Empty
2. Feed the Birds
3. Lipstick on a Pig

Side B:
1.. No Reprieve
2. Trust No Pulse

Pressing Info:
-125pcs Pressed
-Includes Digital Download