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VYGR/At Our Heels/Griever 3 Way Split 12" (Silver + Black Swirl)

by At Our Heels , Griever , and VYGR ,


The highly anticipated 3 Way Split 12" between VYGR, AT OUR HEELS, and GRIEVER is finally here! Featuring 3 brand new tracks from each band, this is a truly crushing release.

This is the "VYGR Version" of the split, which be sold at VYGR shows, and in our online store only!

Pressing Info: 150 Pressed
-Digital Download Card included!

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Track Listing:

1) VYGR- "Starvation"
2) VYGR- "The Iron Furnace"
3) VYGR- "Mescaline Hymn"
4) At Our Heels- "Rosary"
5) At Our Heels- "Seizures"
6) At Our Heels- "Tourist"
7) Griever- "What Once Was (Lost)"
8) Griever- "Serpent Dog"
9) Griever- "King of Ash"