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Troubled Coast "100 Miles From Home" 10" (Purple & Black A Side / B Side)

by Troubled Coast


On their debut release, TROUBLED COAST reveal their earlier melodic hardcore influences throughout the course of 10 short and fast tracks. Combining various elements of Modern Life Is War, The Suicide File, and Have Heart, "100 Miles From Home" is sure to please any fan of honest, heartfelt punk rock and hardcore.

Pressing Info:
-225 Pressed
-Digital Download Card included

Track Listing

Side A:
1) Flying To and Fro

2) Life in Stereo

3) Chasing Windmills

4) TKM

5) Broken Flowers

Side B: 6) Waters
7) Greyback
8) Asilomar's Hold
9) Fiction Is Our Lives
10) Not My War